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Still confused on what paper stars are? This’ll be a little card in each of my paper star packets from now on! I have a limited space to work with so this is what I could fit~


You guys want a Wii U? You guys gon’ get a Wii U.


one of you. Because I’m fortunate enough to own two of these babies but hell man what am I gonna do with two. I already have plenty of blunt objects in the event of dumbfuckery, and while it would be fun swinging it around, I’d rather not soil it.

No but let’s be real here you go brand new console god I love you guys jUST y’know there’s rules and stuff involved

I’m sorry I can’t be professional to save my dick here we go

  • Reblog as many times as you like. Tumblr only counts one.
  • Likes don’t count, but you can like for reference if ya want. It won’t disqualify you.
  • You don’t need to be following me. Just do it if you want to, loves.
  • I ship internationally. The console, however, is North American. Pretty sure it might be region locked.
  • Keep your ask boxes open. Gotta give me your address if you win!

It ends on September 20, plenty of time right? I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner. That should be everything, right? Play nice now, sweet things.

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Doing my first ever GIVEAWAY! I’m trying to give myself some time to save up for it, so that’s why it ends September first! \o/

The hoodies and their images come from this Etsy Shop:
Weeaboo Warehouse

They come in Adult sizes XS-XXL, can be made with or without a zipper, and are HAND MADE FROM FLEECE, so once you win and I put in the order, it will take a bit of time to get to you. But quality takes time, so if you win, please be patient! I will make certain you get it, or if for some reason they become unavailable during the duration of the giveaway,  I will make sure you get SNK merchandise of some other sort up to $100 worth!

The necklaces come from Ebay, and if during the duration of the giveaway they become unavailable, I will work with the winner to substitute another  necklace of similar or greater value.

You do not have to be following me, but if you are and you win, I will perhaps throw in a special extra gift as a thank you for being awesome! :)

The winner will be chosen by a random generator, and after the winner is notified, if they do not respond in 48 hours, I will choose a new winner.

Feel free to ask any questions and good luck! If I have to add anything else to this post, I will make sure to reblog it, so keep an eye out! I will also try to reblog it at least once a day or so to make sure people catch it :)

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Sooo guys! How about a little game for you?

You see, I have these books and they are taking so much place, maybe you could help me getting rid of them?
I’m sure you’d be willing to help me on this matter!
I also need to train with copics you know, and at that you can help me too!
That’s how it goes!


What’s to win?

  •  2 [  ♣  ] artbook
  •  2 sukun one-shot
  •  2 [Héliotrope] artbook
  •  2 original copic drawings of choice (A5 size, with light background)

In this order:

ONE GRAND WINNER of everything: [  ♣  ] artbook, sukun, Héliotrope and a copic drawing.
One winner for EACH: you can win the drawing or the one shot, or the first artbook or Héliotrope.

That makes 5 WINNERS.
This giveaway is big so it will last a whole month!

What do you have to do?

  • Reblog this post (up to 10 ten times)
  • Likes do not count!

 If you have Facebook you can double your chance by:

• Liking my page: Here
• Sharing this post: Heeeere

If you have deviantArt, you can TRIPLE your chance by:
• Faving this deviation: Here!

If you have Twitter, you can QUADRUPLE your chance by:
• Retweeting this tweet: Here

(and yes! It’s international <3)

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it’s finally here… Shingeki no Kyojin’s full OP

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What do you mean, vet’s office? YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO THE PHILHARMONIC!

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